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About Aarti Gurbani

Aarti is a practice in Hinduism where a lamp or set of lamps is lit and shaken with hymns and songs of praise to receive love and blessings and bring peace of mind, Aarti is performed every day in temples or at home, or on any special occasion.

Gurbani is a definition of sacred words and hymns taken from the Guru Granth Sahib, the primary scripture of Sikhism. Guruvani is taken as divine words and is recited and sung in Sikhism homes and Gurdwaras to calm our minds and connect with God.

Aarti and Gurbani are practices of different religions, but they share a common purpose of expressing devotion, receiving blessings, connecting with God, and pleasing the mind.

Aarti Gurbani PDF Download

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